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36 лет (родился 22 июня 1982), мужчина
Душанбе, готов к переездуМосква, Санкт-Петербург 
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Преподаватель английского языка

50 000

Опыт работы 11 лет и 10 месяцев

    • сентябрь 2017 – работает сейчас
    • 1 год и 4 месяца

    English teacher

    Public organization "Dunyoi Donish", Гарм
    Mission Statement: The Public Organization “Dunyoi Donish” provides different after school educational programs for schoolchildren as well as local population on various topics in order to improve their knowledge, chances of finding good jobs and particip


    Teach English to children from poor and vulnerable families; Create safe and friendly learning environment so that every child can participate in the lesson; Use different games and activities to pupils and make the lesson more interesting; Complete report card (attendance, behavior and progress) for each child and present it to parents for future discussions; Conduct different educational activities; Write and submit reports on timely manner; Conduct parent teacher meeting; Implement reading club; Conducting English speaking and TOEFL club; Personal development: writing essays, motivation letters, CV, interviewing skills and application for international exams and/or programs; Connect schoolchildren with other countries around the world using Skype In the Classroom; Launch first UniversityPrep Club this summer to help last year school pupils to increase their knowledge of English (currently 26 pupils attend this program: 5 boys and 21 girls).


    Achievements: Increased literacy skills among 20 pupils on reading and writing by participating in our reading and writing recovery club; Increasing the level of knowledge of 20 parents regarding helping their kids with homework, daily schedule and behavior; Changing and achieving high marks of pupils from English language subject from 3 mark to 5 at local schools; 15 pupils (13 girls and 2 boys) received high scores in English and won scholarships to study in colleges, universities and institutes through UniversityPrep Club this year.
    • июнь 2006 – ноябрь 2016
    • 10 лет и 6 месяцев

    Founder and CEO (also English Teacher and Teacher Trainer)

    Private Learning Center “Hamadoni Muzafar”
    Mission Statement: The "Hamadoni Muzafar" Learning Centre provides English language and computer skills training to young people while increasing their knowledge of foreign cultures and civil rights in order to improve their chances of finding good jobs a


    Teach English language and computer for schoolchildren from poor families; Create safe and friendly learning environment so that every child can participate in the lesson; Use different games and activities to pupils and make the lesson more interesting to make sure that children enjoy it (running dictation, flyswatter game, face to face, and so on); Complete report card (attendance, behavior and progress) for each child and present it to parents for future discussions;Write and work with projects related to educational field; Prepare monthly report and submit on timely manner; Conduction of teacher trainings, seminars, and meetings with parents; Manage and develop leadership and volunteering programs in the summer; Organize free of charge summer English club and summer camps; Connect pupils with other pupils around the world via Skype and pen pal programs; Train pupils to participate in local and international educational competitions; Conduct community service projects; Organize cultural activities and field trips. Conduct reading and writing club for children.


    Accomplishment 1: Implemented the English Access Microscholarship program from 2010 – 2016 and Alumni grants in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, Tajikistan. Accomplishment 2: Under the English Access program, ninety schoolchildren from poor and vulnerable families of our district successfully graduated and took eighteen months long quality of after school English language classes with high-test scores to apply at universities or colleges. Since 2007, more than one hundred pupils effectively participated in our after school English private lessons. Now about sixty-five of them work in different sectors such as English teachers, nurses, accountants, teacher of history and law, primary school teachers. Accomplishment 3: From 20010-2016, more than four hundred and thirty schoolchildren ages 9-13 participated in our summer camps, seminars and field trips. Summer camps included English lessons, art, sports and music. Seminars consisted of several types of presentations such as personal hygiene (children’s rights, washing hands with soap, cutting nails, morning exercises, smoking, abuse, bullying, safety at home and in the street and etc.). Accomplishment 4: From 2015-2016, sixty of my pupils also took part in Skype in The Classroom, playing Mystery Skype and Pen Pal programs with many countries around the world including USA, UK, Brazil, Belorussia, Argentina, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Canada, Spain, Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to learn about other cultures and practice English at the same time. In addition, the enhancement activities were about debate, life skills, leadership, volunteering, and celebration of many international holidays. Accomplishment 5: More than one hundred and twenty one local English teachers from rural areas of our district joined in teacher trainings. They learned about new teaching methods such as: student’s motivation, group work, board games, learning styles/strategies, being effective teacher, music in the classroom, creating safe and friendly learning environment, knowledge assessment and etc. Accomplishment 6: Twelve of my pupils, two girls from English program won scholarships to study in the U.S. on FLEX and Benjamin Franklin summer institute programs, ten boys of the English program now study in different regions of Russia and one of them traveled to India.


    • Высшее образование
    • Заочная
    • 2005

    Tajik State Pedagogical University

    Факультет: English Department
    Специальность: English Teacher

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Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

Languages • English – upper intermediate • Russian – good • Tajik – excellent Computer skills • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, E-mail, Internet Explorer Office equipment • Xerox, printer, scanner, etc. Abilities • Working under pressure • Working independently and in a team • Communication skills

Дополнительные сведения:

I am very committed to my profession. I am good at problem solving, have great communication skills, am a team player, punctual and responsible, and am capable of handling conflicts. My interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and taking initiative to carry out various tasks and complete them on time is what makes me an ideal candidate for this position. I am confident that I would perform well in this role.

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык, Разговорный
  • Таджикский язык, Cвободное владение
  • Русский язык, Базовый


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